Write for Avid Runners

First, thank you for your interest in Avid Runners. This site is for all runners, regardless of speed or ability, to share their stories about races they've run, obstacles they've overcome, why they love running, trails they love, etc. 

What will we publish?

Avid Runners only is interested in original content about running. If you are a blogger with your own blog, we will be happy to share a link to your blog in your author profile. 

If possible, include one or two original photos to go along with a post. 

How long should a blog post be?

Submissions generally should be around 500-1000 words. 

Will guest posts be edited?

Avid Runners will proofread and edit posts for grammar, spelling, and content, and may change a few things and/or cut sections of your post if they do not mesh with the overall feel of the blog.

What are the rules for photos or videos?

If you are savvy enough to take good videos, please feel free to share a video that corresponds with your post. 

Please only use photos/videos that you have taken. If you have express permission to use another person's photos/videos, please provide the name and contact information of the photographer who took the photos/videos so we may give proper credit. 

Avid Runners may decide not to use your submitted photos and may decide to use different or additional photos with your post.

Can you publish your guest blog post on other sites?

Posts may be published elsewhere after two weeks on this site, so long as it credits and links back to the original post on Avid Runners.

Are you still interested in guest blogging?

Please contact Jeff Burtka by email at LLMich1837@gmail.com

Thanks again for your interest in Avid Runners.