Running for the ChadTough Foundation

by Jeff Burtka

I am honored to be a member of the ChadTough Foundation's Any Race, Any Time team. I will be running the 2019 Boston Marathon (my first Boston) in honor of Chad Carr and the many young lives taken by Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG), an inoperable type of brain tumor that primarily affects children. DIPG patients have a 0% survival rate, but progress is being made towards a cure because research funded by organizations like The ChadTough Foundation has helped extend the lives of DIPG patients.

Chad Carr

In November 2015, five-year-old Chad Carr lost a 14-month battle with DIPG. Like many University of Michigan alumni, I felt a personal connection to Chad and the Carrs. Chad's dad, Jason, was a Michigan quarterback when I was a Michigan undergrad. Hall of Famer and former Michigan football head coach Lloyd Carr is one of Chad's grandfathers, and Hall of Fame Michigan football player Tom Curtis is his other grandfather. But it wasn't just the U of M connections that captured my heart. I was impressed by Chad's courage during his battle against cancer. I followed his mother Tammi's posts on social media, and I saw a child and family still living life to the fullest. Their example was an inspiration for many others to do the same. When Chad passed, his family made it their mission to fight for a cure as hard as Chad fought against DIPG by establishing The ChadTough Foundation.

As for me, I've run a few marathons, and I was thrilled to run a fast enough time to gain entry to the Boston Marathon. Running Boston is special to me, but I want my effort to be for a cause greater than a fast time. As a dad of two young girls, I I decided to run for someone tougher than me, so I picked Chad. Running 26.2 miles is tough, but it's not Chad Tough.

Please donate to my fundraiser for ChadTough to keep future parents and children from receiving the devastating news that DIPG has no cure.


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